Meet Wheelbur!
- This adorable 10 month old black lab pup is ready to steal your heart. 
Wheelbur is possibly the happiest, smiliest dogs in the world. He loves joining in on hikes, going swimming, and meeting new friends along the way of every new adventure he goes on. He also enjoys playing with his toys at home, cuddling with his favourite people, or joining you to enjoy the nice weather on a dog-friendly patio. We know this special pup is going to wiggle his way into the hearts of a very special family just like he's wiggled his way into ours, and cannot wait to see the joy he brings them. 
-  This little fella has been beating the odds since the day he arrived into SNARL care. Wheelbur joined SNARL after becoming paralyzed due to a marble table falling on his back and fracturing his spine. He had already developed contractures in his back legs, and in August, he underwent successful surgery to amputate both rear legs. Now, he gets around incredibly both in/out of his wheels. Our favourite saying when people comment on his zooms is "two legs, two wheels, full speed!"
- What does care look like for Wheelbur? Gently squeezing his bladder when he's outside to potty (we will teach you how to do this - super easy to learn, just like squeezing a water balloon). Popping him in/out of his wheels for walks and putting on his diaper and drag bag indoors. His daily activities are basically just the same as a typical pup! He loves to play, go for walks, hang out on the couch or snuggle in his dog bed. 
- Wheelbur is being fostered in Calgary, Alberta. Adoption applications for him are being accepted across the USA and Canada.

Vaccinated: Yes
Neutered: Yes
Microchipped: Yes 
Medical: History of spinal fracture resulting in hind limb paralysis and bowel/bladder incontinence. Bladder gets squeezed outdoors or on pee pad 3x/day for expression (ie. before work, after work, before bed). Bilateral rear amputee.
Housetrained: Wears diapers. All of his diapers will come with him to his forever home, they fit great and fully contain any accidents.
Crate trained: Yes, does excellent 

Good with
Kids: Yes
Cats: Yes
Dogs: Yes

Likes: Wheelbur enjoys playing with his toys, going on adventures (both big and small), swimming, meeting new human and dog friends, and zooming around in his wheelchair. He loves all snacks, big foodie. Honestly, we have yet to find anything this boy does not like! 
Adoption fee: $400 CAD ($300 USD) + transport cost if applicable
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