Meet Wally! 
- This little guy is known for being full of happiness and shows it off with his big, infectious smile. With his hilarious 'judgy' underbite, he always has a facial expression guaranteed to make you laugh.
Wally came to us from the Chandler55 hoarding case in Arizona. He is paretic in his back end from a spinal fracture that has since healed. He primarily scoots around, but also often stands up on his back legs and proudly shows off the strength that he has regained since his initial injury. Wally came to us with significant drag wounds covering both of his back paws, that have healed up beautifully. He was also positive for valley fever, a non-contagious fungus that affects the respiratory system - which he won the battle against and has since tested negative. 
- Wally proudly sports a wheelchair and rollerskates for his walks, and he loves to adventure! He will happy run at full speed with a big smile on his face, chase around a ball being tossed, or prance after his friends at the park. Wally has some continence and does well with a toileting schedule. He goes outside to do his business and then we do a quick feel of his bladder by gently squeezing the sides of his tummy to make sure he's gotten it all out - 90% of the time, he has! He rocks a washable diaper when in the house to catch any accidents and keep the floors nice and clean. 
- Wally's absolute favourite activity is bird watching. Not "just" any old birdwatching, but utilizing your lap as a recliner chair to lean back, sploot, and let it all hang out while he happily watches the birds go by. It is absolutely hilarious. 
- He also enjoys car rides and knows what the Starbucks drive-thru is. He never turns down a cozy dog bed, LOVES benebones, and will find the warmest spot in the sunshine to snooze. He is an affectionate dog who will ask to be pet and happily run to you when you enter the room. He prefers to be close to his people and would make an excellent first dog, or addition to an existing crew. He is great with kids of all ages, dogs of all sizes and cats.  

Vaccinated: Yes
Neutered: Yes
Microchipped: Yes 
Medical: History of spinal fracture resulting in rear paralysis. History of valley fever, fully recovered
Housetrained: Some continence, benefits from expression checks and diapers indoors for accidents. 
Crate trained: Yes

Good with:
Kids: Yes
Cats: Yes
Dogs: Yes - all sizes, loves other pups!

Likes: Birdwatching, benebones, anywhere soft and cozy to lay, going for walks, snuggling, playing with other dogs
Wally is being fostered in Calgary, AB. Adoption applications for him are being accepted across the USA and Canada. 
Adoption fee: $400 CAD ($310 USD) + transport cost if applicable. SNARL will help the adoptive family with organizing transport if needed. 
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