Meet Milkshake!
Milkshake is the sweetest three-legged bundle of kitten perfection. At 5 months old,  Milkshake enjoys watching the world from "high up", by sitting in the window sill or a cat tree! With the tiniest of mews, he will hop over and rub up on your legs, asking for pets. He is everything that makes kittens adorable little bundles, playful, snuggly, with a goofy personality guaranteed to make you laugh. 
Milkshake is a tripod, missing most of his rear right leg. He does absolutely everything that a typical kitty does, just with a little hop to his step!

Vaccinated: Age appropriate vaccinations up to date. 
Neutered: Yes
Microchipped:  Yes
Medical: Rear right partial amputation. Original injury occurred prior to entry into rescue care, details unknown.
Litter Trained: Yes

Good with:
Kids: Yes
Cats: Yes
Dogs: Yes; slow introductions to build confidence

Likes: Snuggling up against the closest person/animal - he is an affectionate kitty! Snoozing in sunny spots beaming in through the windows, or near warm vents. Batting around his little kitty toys and zooming at full speed.
Milkshake is being fostered in Calgary, AB. Adoption applications for him are being accepted across the USA and Canada.
Adoption fee: $275 CAD ($200 USD) + transport cost if applicable
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