Introducing Luke!
A loving pup who has earned himself many nicknames for his adorable personality. He is a 5 year old hound mix looking for a family to provide him endless rubs and adventures.Luke is known for his velvet soft fur and gentle personality to match! His favorite things include snuggles, pets, and hugs. 
Sweet Luke came into care when his owner was deployed overseas and was unable to take him. He is a true family dog, who adores adults and kids alike. He is happiest being where his people are, if that’s on the couch, going on a walk around the block, or laying under your desk while you work. He is friendly to everyone he meets, and loves to play with other pups. 
In December of 2022, Luke underwent surgery for IVDD with a rupture at the T12-13 level. His ability to wag his tail has come back in full force and he happily wags as much as he can. He easily scoots around his home or uses his wheels for walks and cruising the halls. Luke will come to his forever home with his custom cart. Due to his IVDD, Luke is incontinent and benefits from wearing belly bands/diapers when indoors. He has regained some level of awareness and will ask to go outside to potty about 50% of the time.
Luke is currently being fostered in Calgary, AB, Canada. Adoption applications for him are being accepted across the USA and Canada.

Vaccinated: Yes
Neutered: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Medical: History of IVDD (T12-13) resulting in hind limb paralysis and bladder/bowel incontinence. Surgical removal of ruptured disc material, noted bruised/softened spinal cord at time of surgery. Good recovery of motor skills post operatively, ambulatory. Recently underwent a dental cleaning. 
Housetrained: Somewhat, does well on a schedule. Wears a belly band or diaper indoors to catch any accidents. 
Crate trained: Yes
Basic obedience: Luke will come when called and knows his name. Expert sitter. 

Good with:
Kids: Yes
Cats: Yes
Dogs: Yes

Likes: Luke loves to have cuddles on the couch, rest his head on you for ear rubs, meet new people and go for walks in his wheels. He is a go with the flow guy who is happy to be your best friend. 
Adoption fee: $400 CAD ($310 USD) + transport cost if applicable. SNARL will assist the family with organizing transport if required.
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